Online Consumer Dispute Service


Our goal is to maintain accurate information on your TransUnion credit report. By law, TransUnion is obligated to verify the accuracy of the information on a credit report that you dispute. If you do not recognize information on your credit report, or believe an item may be inaccurate, you may request an investigation. Only inaccurate information may be removed; negative information that is accurate will stay on your credit report as long as the governing laws allow. Changes on your credit report that occur as the result of an investigation will be made on both your consumer disclosure and your credit report.

TransUnion provides this service to you free of charge, in accordance with applicable legislation. TransUnion will not provide any additional services or treat a consumer differently due to the fact that the consumer has retained and paid a credit repair company. Whether you launch a dispute yourself or through a credit repair company, the outcome of the investigation will be the same. Please also note that the activities of credit repair companies are regulated in some provinces. For more information, please visit Consumer Protection.

Dispute any inaccurate credit or personal information on your credit report Online:

How long does certain information remain on my file? Click here for details:

What you need:

Before starting, please make sure you have all of the necessary information on hand:

  • Full Name
  • Current Address
  • Date of birth
  • Social Insurance Number (optional)
  • Telephone number
  • Reason for your dispute (e.g., you have paid the account, etc.)
  • Documentation to support the amendment you have requested. If the amendments are to your personal information (e.g. name), please have supporting identification documentation available, such as change of name certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

What happens after a dispute has been filed?

At your request, TransUnion will verify any credit information disputed by you. In order to complete this request, we contact the organization reporting the information and verify its accuracy. We recommend that you not apply for credit while a dispute is pending.

Wait for the Results:

TransUnion documents the outcome of the investigation and makes any necessary changes to your credit report.

Getting your responses or update:

Investigations are typically concluded within 30 days of the date we receive your request. If we cannot verify the disputed information, the item is removed from your credit report or updated as requested. We notify the companies that have made a recent inquiry to your file that an amendment was made and we send you notice at the conclusion of the investigation.